Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Malynda's Pre-Departure "Offical Post"

Hello everyone! I am Malynda. I am very excited to end my third year at Wartburg with a trip to England and Wales! I am most excited to get to know the local culture, and I intend to do massive amounts of people watching. I look forward to meeting new people in the hostels and getting close with my trip-mates! As a picky eater, I think that trying new cuisine will be one of my biggest challenges, but I will give EVERYTHING a chance. Unless it's still moving.
Ta-ta for now, see you in the U.K.!


  1. Have fun, Malynda!! I'll be praying for you to have safe & FUN travels! ;)

    Living vicariously through you! ;)

  2. SISTER!!!!!
    Have a BLAST, be safe, and we can't WAIT to see you!
    Katie, Chris, Ella & Lily

  3. Thanks guys! everything is going great! cant wait to tell you everything, but you have to buy internet time here, and i dont have time to tell you everything.

    Miss you! - Malynda

  4. Take TONS of pix~
    WE LOVE YOU!!!