Monday, April 25, 2011

Matthew's "Official Post"

Hello Everyone,
My name is Matt and this is not my first time out time out of the country but it is my first time going to England and Wales. Before I have been to Canada, Germany, France, and Italy. I have also done a lot of traveling within the United States. Although I have done all of this traveling I have yet to see a castle or monastery so that is one thing I am most looking forward to. I'm also looking forward to going to London for the first time. I live close to Chicago and enjoy going down there on day trips so I'm really excited for my day trip(s) to London. While I'm there I hope to see a lot of Harry potter sites as well. My girlfriend and I are big fans and can not wait to see the "tourist" sites and not just harry Potter ones. At the end of the trip I hope to have seen and learned a lot about many different subjects from the theme of the course and outside of the theme.
Until next time,

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