Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogging Continues in this official post!!

Well as I'm sure you're aware, this it the second official day for blogging. I'm KC (or Kaitlyn) and I will be your hostess for this posting. To start off the day, we sat down to a very fulling meal filled with pastries, fruit, meat and the famous black pudding and English breakfast tea. Now for those of you who don't know what black pudding is... I don't really know either. But quoted words from Andrew (last poster), it tastes a lot like sausage but looks black.

Anyways, after breakfast we walked the streets of York, heading in the direction of York Minster. Such a fascinating building with the Gothic architecture - meaning the pointed archways and flying buttresses. Majority of the morning was spent within the Minster, getting a tour of the famous church.

What I found really interesting was the stories of the glass windows. Did you know that yellow is the only stain of glass to soak into the glass? It's true! Anyways, we continued to tour the church, gazing with wonder-filled eyes at the ceiling and detail in the cravings.

After the Minster, we were set loose upon the city of York. Majority of us just wondered around, looking into the shops and buying a few things at a local market. Oh, I also found the most AMAZING chocolate shop where I found truffles and bars - long story short, it was awesome.

We then met our Professor (Dr.L) outside the Cat Gallery. :D She then took us to Barley Hall where we learned about the construction of a medieval house. One part that was my favorite was the great hall where we sat in the seats of the masters and mistresses. I was Lady Snawsell, the wife of Lord William Snawsell (aka, Sondra). I think the names of everyone are going to stick, especially Andrew being the Nun, Amanda the Monk and Matt the pot-boy. (Don't ask).

The tour was filled with history, education, laughs and memories. We were then returned to the Minster to attend a Psalm. The experience was definitely a treasured one along with the Ghost Walk of York. That was also filled with history and ghost stories to entertain all ages while walking around the historic city of York.

I suppose that wraps up the day. Hope the weather is nice where you are reading from and have a wonderful day/night.


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  1. Oh, something else we learned was how to safety exit the Minster while the fire alarms were going off...and to not trip on narrow, spiral steps to the towers.