Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events...and a Big Hill (official post 2)

Hi everyone, Mandy here to continue the day.

After Rievaulx Abbey and lunch we headed to Helmsley Castle where we took an audio tour of the ruins. We each took our own time to explore. It was very impressive with the hill it was on and the bridges we had to cross to enter. The house part was the only part we could really go into because they had some cool exhibits set up in there. I found the keys the most fun. And they also had to basement type things we could go into and they were dark but very fun. After we all finished we got on the bus to head to Pickering Castle where our luck continued. It was closed. So we walked the path around it and at the end we broke from the path and had to climb a hill so steep I had to use my hands to help, but it was fun making it up because of all the encouraging going on for all that were struggling.

So because we couldn't go to that one either when we got back to York we walked the wall, which was a short trip with some pretty views. Then we went to buy food for us to make tonight. We all had spaghetti and had a blast and now we have all broken up to do our own things.

Talk to you later from the UK.

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