Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final blog (official Post)

Hi everyone who is reading this blog, this is Kevin one last time. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the blog and especially my posts. There have been a few sites that I thought were cooler and more historic than the others. My favorite site that I went and saw while over here in England happen to take place on my free day. This site was the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior at the Porthsmounth Historic Dock yard. The reason that this was my favorite site to visit was because historic ships is one of my favorite topics to study. Both the HMS Victory and the HMS Warrior happen to be two famous ships, the Victory because it was Lord Nelson Flag Ship at Trafalgar and the place where he was shot. The Warrior is the first iron hulled ship and during its first years in service it was the most feared ship at sea. My favorite site that we saw as a class was Conway castle. I think this was because it was the castle that fit my ideas of what a castle should look like. Conway had the large outer walls and towers that overlooked the city. Also the castle was high up on a hill overlooking the town and harbor. The Inner walls were taller than the outer walls and had more towers to defend against attacks. also the castle had rooms that were large enough for the king and queen to live in but at the same time still be well defended against attacks. Overall I will say that I liked seeing the cathedrals better than the castle. As cool as the castle were the were all in ruins which made it hard to see what they would have looked like had they been kept up. The cathedrals since they are still in use today, are still standing and look similar to how they would have looked in the middle ages. The castle have also been greatly changed over times as styles changed and unlike the changes that were on the cathedrals they were blunt and ugly looking. The final reason that I liked seeing the cathedrals better was that for me personal walking through the door seem to transport me back in time to the middle ages. This is because these cathedral take me back to a time when the best way to express your love to God was to build a large building to him. The Cathedral that I like the best was Ely. There are a few reasons why I liked this cathedral. The first reason was since Norwich Cathedral  was closed i could not pick the cathedral that presented on. The more serious reasons were that Ely had a really interesting tower that was octagon shaped.  The other reason was the Ely was very beautiful but it was not overdone like some of the cathedrals that we looked at.
From spending so much time over in England there are a few things that I will miss. The first thing is how every thing seems to be stuck in time and is so peaceful. There is no rushing around and everything moves at its own pace. The other thing that I will miss is how well the public transportation works. I loved being able to ride around on a train and see the countryside. From a history stand point I will miss being surround my hundreds of years of history. This course change my ideas of different history ideas. The first being that castle were just fortress of wars and not living spaces. The other idea about cathedrals which I learned was false was that cathedrals were painted many colors and not just boring stone as the appear today. Overall this course gave be a great idea about how there is much more to history that just reading books and if you truly want to study history you must get out and see it in really life.

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