Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Castle (Official post)

Hello everyone reading this blog this is Kevin again to give you a brief idea about how we spent your day. We spent the day travel throughout east Angelica or the east seaboard of England.  All of our travel was done on a coach who allowed us to make stops at three different places.
Our day started off with a nice hot English breakfast at the youth hostel in Cambridge. After everyone was packed up, we loaded our entire luggage in to the back of the coach for the stops along our way to Wells next to the sea. The first leg of our trip was full of traffic as there was a car crash on the route to Norwich and the traffic was being diverted to the route we were taking. After riding the coach for about an hour we arrived at Castle Acre Priory which was our first stop. While Dr. L got us tickets the rest of the class played with the black cat named Cookie who loved attention. The priory was very large and what was left of the church was quite large. The gatehouse and the private rooms for the prior which were above the gatehouse were the only structures standing.
Getting back into the coach we drove to King's Lynn which is a small fishing town on the coast. While in King's Lynn we got a tour about the town and were told about the important buildings and their history. The town had gained great wealth in the trade with main land Europe. This trade provided the money to build many large trade guilds and house that date back to before the 1500's. The church which is in the middle of the town is large as the town was support greatly by the King and this was a royal church. After the discovery of America the town lost much of its wealth as the trade routes now were on the western seaboard instead of the eastern. Interestingly two town people made great names for the self’s in John Smith and George Vancouver did so in the New World. After eating lunch we left for our next stop which was Castle Rising Castle.
Castle Rising Castle had large outer earth works to protect it from invaders. The interesting feature was the large keep which was the only building in the castle complex. The keep is the largest in England. While we were at the castle we took a whole lot of pictures as a group. Upon leaving the castle we travel to Wells next to the Sea.  The day ended with the class going up to a local park to hang out.

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