Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Half of our Day .. Part Deux!!!

After a fairly good morning, it was off to Norwich, where as Karen stated, we were off to Dragon Hall which is one of the oldest houses in Norwich, in which many of the most prominent people in meidival Norwich became rich, powerful, and did there trading and batering. There was a nice exhibit about how life was lived in the houses hey day in the 11th-14th century. The Hall became many other structures over the next several hundred years but the exhibit focused on the meidival times.
Then, after a very nice lunch (I had the barbeque chicken) we were all off to have a tour that Kevin was to lead at Norwich Cathedral. There was only one problem: the cathdral was closed due to the filming of a movie! So, Kevin was forced to give his tour from the outside.
The Cathedral was built and finished in the 12th century. It is the home of the second largest spire in England, second only to Salisbury Cathedral. The inside is home to a staue dedicated to Julian of Norwich who was a mystic in meidival times. She was a hermit in a small parish church where she wrote a historic piece on faith which earned her sainthood.
Also, a big defining feature is the large stone circles in the cloiseter, dedicated to the new millenium.
After the tour, we headed back to Cambridge and had a free afternoon.

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