Friday, May 13, 2011

Bowler Hat Day Offical Post

Hi everyone
My name is Kevin and I will be your guide for the day that we spent in the Marshes. The Marshes are the borderlands between England and Wales which included the cites of Leominster, Ludlow, and Craven Arms. so after I give you a short guide on what we saw today, the rest of the class will start the second round of post tomorrow.
The start of our day was spent like the rest of the days we spent in Leominster, we got up and caught a train out of Leominster. Breakfast was mostly just toast but some of the students ate cereal which they had bought the day before at the store. Getting on the train we took a short ten minute train ride north to Ludlow were we were to spend most of the day. From the train station we walked through the city centre to the castle. Right in front of the the castle was a local food market which looked very appealing. Since it was right after breakfast we decided to come back to the market after a tour of Ludlow Castle lead by Taylor.
Ludlow castle was founded in the 11th century as a private castle. At some point the castle came in to the hands of the crown and became a royal castle. Ludlow Castle never saw much action in terms of battles but was a very important staging point in the English invasions of Wales. The castle has a large outer bailey that was used  for jousting tournaments and as the staging grounds for the solders. The inner bailey was off of the north wall of the outer bailey.The northern range of the inner bailey is done in a Tudor style as that was the last addition done to the castle. The most interesting feature of the castle was the circular nave of the chapel which is like the nave of the chapels used by the Knights Templar. An interesting legend that takes place at Ludlow Castle is the story of two princes, one of whom was to become the king, were killed by Richard III on his way to take the throne. The princes were buried under the stairs to the chapel.
Upon leaving the castle we stopped at the outdoor market and came out with sweets and other food. after a quick walk we went in to St. Laurence Church. St. Laurence is done in a perpendicular style and was built by donations from wealth pardons in the area. Most of the students climbed 200 steps to the top of the tower to get great views of Ludlow. The church also had great carved misecordes for priest to sit on during service. Lunch was at Degrey's cafe where most of the students had light lunches but the really treat was Welsh rarebit which tasted like cheese. After lunch some of the students went to a vintage clothing store were some items were bought but none as amazing as the bowler hat by yours truly (kevin).
After another short train ride over to Cavern Arms and a long walk we arrived at Stoksay Castle.  It was more of a large manor house that looked more livable than the other castles we saw. The reason it was called a castle was because of the wall that were surrounding the house. After we made it back to Leominster the rest of the evening was spent playing cards, reading, and soccer. Thank you for letting be me your guide and until next time Cheers.

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  1. Ummmm...the princes were not killed & buried at Ludlow. The older prince lived at Ludlow & Richard III took him from Ludlow to the Tower of London for the coronation. Supposedly, they were murdered & buried at the Tower.

    Sorry, I can't help myself....