Monday, May 16, 2011

Matt's Official Post!

Hello again avid readers! What a great trip this has been so far and it is so hard to believe we are a little over half way through! So parents, family, and friends who are missing us are so much, you’re doing great! Today (technically yesterday the 15th), we had another busy day visiting some more wonderful sites. I will be informing you about the later part of our day when we saw Lamphey’s Bishop’s Palace and Manobier Castle!
While at Lamphey’s Bishop’s Palace we noticed similarities between the Bishop’s Palace we saw the day before. This makes sense since this was the Bishop’s summer home and they we designed by the same people. Both places were extravagant in their architecture and design for their time period. The ruins of both still show some of those wonders and signs of power and wealth. They both had similar features like archways and the coloring of the stone that was used in the construction of the building. The open courtyard was also beautiful to look at but I’m guessing the flowers were not always there. Like most of the places we have been to the group explored the remaining buildings and some of us even tossed the Frisbee around a little bit.
The drive to the palace was very tight and narrow and we feared the coach wouldn’t be able to turn around but Bob being the awesome bus driver that he is made it happen by the time we were done and ready to go. After that we rode to Manobier Castle which was very well landscaped with tons of beautiful flowers and ivy growing all over the place. We did another self tour going through the buildings and reading about each room’s purpose and function. They had wax figures in some parts of the castle which freaked some people out because they weren’t expecting them at all. Climbing the towers was fun as always and we saw some of the best views of the sea. We took a group picture then decided to head back to Tenby since it was our last night there in Wales. We then broke off into smaller groups to go get dinner. Amanda and I then walked along the beach and picked up some sea shells. The views were absolutely amazing!! At 7:15 we regrouped to have a Lord of the Rings marathon since two of our members (Amanda and Nicole) have never seen them before! We made it through 2 out of 3 of the movies and plan on watching the third before we come back to the states!
Cheers for now!

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