Thursday, May 5, 2011

Official Post

Today, May 5, 2011, our class had to wake up and be at breakfast at 8 in the morning. We had the usual sausage, bacon, beans, toast, and yogurt with either the choice of apple juice or orange juice from the hostel dining service. From there we went to Fountains Abbey via bus. This bus was a very fun ride once again, because not only the cars are awesome (mainly just different) but we were driving on the left side of the road. The class made it to the Abbey and was totally taken aback by the mass beauty i was seeing infront of me. Oddly enough i thought I had seen it already because it looked like something from Lord of The Rings....I won't lie to you.

After taking several pictures we gathered around infront of the nave of the Abbey and listened to Amanda give a lovely presentation. We learned from her speech that there were 13 monks that lived at this massive Abbey along with the Lay Brothers. The Lay Brothers lived on the West side of the Abbey and the monks lived on the East side. It's ok because this place was massive beyond believe. I would place a picture on here for you but I honestly left my cord to make my computer and camera one at home.. woops. Fountains Abbey wasn't just a big old building, it had a huge fountain garden in the back. Hence the name I guess. This was beautiful by the way.

Once we had lunch at the Abbey, we left on the bus and went back to York. We asked to be dropped off at downtown and went around from there. Three of us wanted to go off and find a certain pub to try because we found you could sit and dip your feet in The River Ouse. After having some nachos we left and met up with the rest of the group. After a brief amount of time the group decided as to participate in this called Appyfeet where you place your bare feet in a tub of small and they eat off the dead skin. A shocking experiment, but fun and I'm happy I did it because before someone talked me into it otherwise I wouldn't have done it. After that it was more me going to another pub with the same group for dinner to get some points for eating "Pub Grub". After we came back and that led to me typing this now.

Thanks for reading :)

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