Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Traveling Outside of York "Official Post"

Hello everyone,

Today was the first day we traveled outside of York. We woke up this morning and had a wonderful breakfast at the hostel again. After that, we met Ian, our bus driver, loaded the bus and headed north out of the city. Our first stop was Mount Grace Priory. Upon arrival at this ancient monument, we discovered that we were lack of luck streak continued. There was a slight mix up of when the priory was open and today happened to be the day when it was closed. We did not let this stop our adventures though.

We moved on to Rievaulx Abbey. Once there, Karen gave us a wonderful tour of the Abbey ruins. She pointed out the different areas, such as the choir with its large decorative arches, the cloister and chapter house the monks used. We explored the ruins examining the kitchens, dining area, and infirmary. Some of us even found the lavatory area.

Afterwards the class explored the museum, learning about different descriptions of the monks and what they did. Some members of the class enjoyed the hands on tasks, such as building puzzles.

The countryside surrounding the Abbey gave the class chances to take pictures with sheep and miniature horses. After all of the exploration, we ate lunch at the Abbey cafe, then loaded the bus to head to our next sight.

The day continued, which Mandy will write about.

-Talk to everyone soon, Nicole

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