Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stonehenge vs. Harry Potter (Part 1)

So today we did many things, everything however was part of the Mad Max tour. The tour got its name from its owner, Madaline and her cat at the time, Max (since then she now has a new cat named Maxine.). Our tour guide Chris was very knowledgeable and was very funny. First we started out at Stonehenge, which was spectacular. Many in the group were a little disappointed about how small the henge was, the pictures make it seem much bigger. While there we did an audio tour, which was one of the better audio tours so far. While there Kevin broke his jar of jelly which resulted in a mess and jelly jokes made toward him the rest of the afternoon. After seeing Stonehenge we went to Averbury Henge, which is about a mile in circumference, much bigger than Stonehenge. It was also neat to see the paths because they were built out of chalk. It was nice to see and it gave us a different perspective about how henge's were built and what they were for. After Averbury we headed to lunch, where we got to go to several Harry Potter sights, which Tom will tell you about.

That is all from me for now!

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