Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final Thoughts Official Post

Well, I cannot believe the month is almost over. It feels like just yesterday we spent an extra four hours in the airport waiting to get here. Over the past month I have seen amazing castles, been inspired by cathedrals, walked up many hills, slept in different hostels, and eaten all kinds of new foods.

It is almost impossible for me to narrow down my favorite sights we visited. Every one had unique features that made me want to spend all day there. Climbing the towers at Conwy Castle allowed me to see far out to the see. Visiting Ely Cathedral and looking at the octagonal tower reminded me how amazing these people were at engineering without all of our current technology. Exploring Stonehenge and Avebury circles took me back in time. Every sight had something beautiful to offer me.

There are several things I will miss when I return to the US. I think the primary one is scones with jam and clotted cream (best food in the world and I recommend everyone try one if they have the opportunity). Another thing I will miss is the countryside. The scenery varies so much across the country. Finally, being able to use pubic transportation and get anywhere in a couple of hours is an aspect of England I really admire and want in the US.

My experiences on this trip have opened my eyes to what other people think. I encountered several people who thought we were crazy for wanting to come to England. Yet, people were so happy that we were here visiting and being part of their country. Talking to different people while out and about has shown me that everyone has opinions and thoughts to share that can broaden my outlook on things.

This trip has been a great chance for me to learn and explore history. I love traveling and look forward to doing more of it in the future. I also cannot wait to get home though and start my next adventure. See everyone soon.


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