Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End is Here . . . Offical Post

So unfortuneatly our time has come to an end, so now is the point in our trip that everyone posts their final thoughts. I can not really believe that it has been four weeks already and I don’t really know where to start, our trip has been amazing! I have learned enough to last me a life time and to change the way I look at things. I have learned that Medieval Architecture is very complex, more so than most people think or imagine. The different periods are very evident when looking upon a cathedral and it helped me see what we learned in the pre travel class, a lot easier than looking at pictures. Castle architecture in my opinion stayed the same, but it was evident which ones were Welsh castles and which ones were English castles. The Welsh ones often backed up to the sea, where as the English ones backed up to a river or were atop of a giant hill. My favourite part of the whole trip was being able to see the two cathedrals I researched for a paper in another one of Dr. Lindgren’s classes, Wells and Gloucester. The first one I got to see was Gloucester and it made me realize just how many different aspects of my research was really in the cathedral itself that I didn’t realize ( I researched symbolism in the two cathedrals, via the architecture and sculptures.). When I originally started my research I didn't really have to much of an interest in Gloucester, but when I got to see it in person, it was overwhelming. It also became my favourite out of the two that I researched, and my second favourite of the trip (Ely was my favourite). When we got to Wells I was amazed on just how huge the West Front really was! And although I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t go into the quire, so I could see the Jesse Window, I was still really impressed with the cathedral as whole. Overall the trip has been fantastic and the people here have been very polite, and although I do not have to leave, I am ready to come home. See you in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Frey

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