Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Official Post -First Day in Bath

Hello Everyone,

On May 16th we left Tenby. Early that morning we enjoyed our final breakfast at the Southcliff Hotel, where Pam, Brian, and their staff where so friendly and helpful. The class is very appreciative of our time there. Then we boarded our first train for the day at the station. We traveled to Swansea, where we switched trains. Another hour on the train landed the class in Cardiff, and we finally got on the last train. Finally, after about 5 hours of traveling, we were in Bath.

From the train station, we carried all our luggage to the YMCA. (There was only a slight incline on this trip.) After checking in, Dr. L. provided us with a list for our scavenger hunt. It included: The Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, Parade Gardens, and the Roman Baths. The class broke into three groups, took a map, and set out to visit and photograph these places.

At the Roman Baths, the class saw the actual baths that were established while the Romans occupied Bath. We toured the museum and saw the foundations of the worship building that was on the site.

After the scavenger hunt, the class gathered to eat a nice dinner at Jamie's Italian restaurant. The class enjoyed appetizers, various pasta dishes, and amazing desserts. Finally, after a long day of traveling and exploring, people headed off to bed.

It was a busy day, but we are looking forward to the upcoming week, which includes Stonehenge, some Harry Potter sites, and more castles and cathedrals. Talk to everyone soon.

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