Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mandy's final post

Well its that time, we only have one day left here in the UK. I think we will all miss it, but at the same time it will be good to get home. I just hope we can. Fingers crossed. I know I will miss it here, my time in the UK defiantly proved to me I can now handle big cities with no problem, but I will miss how friendly the people are and how helpful to. At every turn, if it looked like you were struggling or lost, there was someone there to lend a hand, it was nice. It will also be sad to longer be around history at every turn, where things built in the 1800s are considered new, whereas in the states, that's like ancient. I think I definitely experienced a lot of new things on this trip, both about what I can handle and with lots of foods.

I think my favorite days were my free days because I went into London and Cardiff, but for the class, I think it was just about anywhere in Wales. There was just something about that country that loved. I really hope that one day I can come back and see more, and maybe get an accent because I wont be around as many Americans that go around, but it was a great time had by all, I think.

So ta, from the UK. Hope to one day return.

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