Friday, May 13, 2011

Train Travel to Tenby Official Post

Hello everyone!

I can't believe that we are at the halfway point of our trip. Today was another travel day. We made our way to the southeast back into Wales to Tenby.

Before we arrived at Tenby, we took a pit stop at Kidwelly to see Kidwelly Castle.
We took a three hour train ride to Kidwelly from Leominitser. After we arrived at the train station it was a twenty minute walk up to the castle, with our luggage no less. After the long walk we finally arrived at the castle.

Kidwelly is a 12th century castle placed on top of a hill overlooking the town below. The way the castle was built is genius in its design. The castle was two wards, a inner and outer ward. If an attacker was able to capture the outer ward, the residents of the castle had another line of defense within the inner ward. This meant that the attackers would be in a no man's land kill zone in between the inner and outer ward.

What strike me the most outside of the double curtain walls was the chapel and it's location. The chapel is on the outer flank of the castle walls. The chapel was right above the River Gwendreath which runs right beside it. If needed, the chapel was equipped with arrow slits and could protect the castles flank if needed.

The castle didn't see any major battles so the majority of the castle is still intact. The view from the towers was a great sight to see. After visiting the castle, we took another train to Tenby. Tenby is a town in southern Wales. It is right on the coast of the British Channel. In fact our hotel is about a block away from the beach. Tenby is a small town that seems to be a tourist stop based on the number of hotels within the area. The majority of the shops within the town were closed by the time we arrived but it looks like a nice town for all of us to kick back and enjoy the beach! Tomorrow we are off to St. David's Cathedral. More details tomorrow.

Andrew Bridgewater

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