Monday, May 16, 2011

May 15th, Late but still informative "official post"

Sunday, 15 May - Carew Cross and Tidal Pool and Pembroke Castle "official post"

What a way to start off any day than to take a walk through the countryside. Our adventure begins at Carew Cross which was a stone cross made in the eleven hundreds. I cannot remember who the cross was made for but it was made after the death of a man who was the co-king of Wales. Dr.L gave us a quick run down of the cross and the castle behind it. It was said that the man who built the castle married into the family who the cross was made for and the lands in which the castle sits on was the woman's inheritance upon marriage.

We admired the structure of the castle with the mixture of medieval architecture and Tudors architecture. It was impressive to hear how they placed the square windows into already stone-built castles. Dr.L believes that the stones were chipped away until the already constructed windows could fit.

Tidal pool was very pretty in the morning even though the water was down and we could see what the water left behind. Tom had the best description: "Bleck!" I believe the trail which we walked was about a half mile around the pool which included rocky paths, paved trails, bridges over damns and road walking.

Our next destination was Pembroke Castle located, yes in Pembroke. It was the castle where Henry the VII was born. It was a fairly large structure with lots of open area. All the towers housed either storage or living quarters. Across from the gatehouse were several buildings including the dungeon... and a spooky cave-like structure with a lot of pigeons. Courtney now understands Taylor's fear of birds.

It was Pembroke Castle where we stopped and had lunch. Personally, I had a toasted Ham and Cheese sandwich which was amazing! Oh, and can't forget the "Fancy" Hot Chocolate. :D

There are still two more places we explored but at this point, I will be turning it over to Matt to host you through the next two locations we visited today. Tah-Tah for now!


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