Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Matt (official post)

Well it has been another beautiful day here in England! The weather today was a wonderful 12 degrees Celsius. Today we went to Clifford's tower, DIG Hungate, DIG, Jorvik Viking Center, and we had High tea. I am going to talk about DIG, which is an interactive center with a lot of hands on learning, the Jorvik Viking Center, and High tea. At the DIG the group got to dig in fake archeological dig sites. There were four of them each with a particular time period and the relating artifacts related to that time period. The group then moved over to a table where we got to try and identify bones and sort items out into what they were. We all then looked around their museum. After we left the DIG the group headed off to Jorvik Viking Center. We walked around town for a little bit because we were early for our reservations. When we met back up we went down into their exhibit where the floor was glass and there was a recreation of an excavated ruins of a Viking settlement. There were maps to find different things in the ruins and different visual and video information stations giving the group a little bit of the history of the settlement and the Vikings. The Group then got to ride on a suspended carriage (kind of like a roller coster track with no drops or twists) which gave us a tour through a recreation of a Viking village that had animatronic people dressed like Vikings. They were almost life like. A recording gave us a tour while explaining the history and interacting with the animatronic Vikings. When the ride was finished it brought us to their museum where they had actual artifacts out on display. After we left the Viking Center the group went off to have High tea. We went to a fancy place called Betty's. It was very fancy. We were served our meals on a plate tower. The bottom plate had the sandwiches which were small, the next plate had a scone with cream and jam, and the third had a fruit tart, a biscuit(a cookie), and a lemon desert. The tea was very good and was served by the pot. The group then went back to the hostel and relaxed, played card games, and wrote in our journals. It was a great day indeed. Tomorrow the group is going to see Fountains Abby!!

Until next time everyone,

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