Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dig, Dig, Dig

So this morning went by without any Acts of God, at least that we know about. We started out with breakfast and then continued on to walk to Clifford Tower, which is what is left of the York Castle. It was small, but still interesting, especially when we walked around the top of the tower. The view was fantastic, although it was not as good as a view as from the top of the York Minster Tower. After we were all finished looking around and having foam sword fights with swords from the gift shop we headed on our way to the Jorvik Dig museum/tour. When we first got there we met our guide, Jennifer, and she took us to the actual dig that is currently going on now, which is all from the Viking era. They have found many different 'little' things and foundations to buildings, which were made out of wood. Two of the more interesting little things was the communal toilet seat, it had six spots, and the curse stone. The curse stone was used to put a curse on someone but writing something bad that should happen to them and then putting it back into the wall with the writing on the inside. The archaeologists also found a stone foundation, but are unsure what it is at this point in time. After seeing the dig sight we went to lunch, which was on our own, and this was when many of us got our people watching done, there are many differences that we saw compared to home. After lunch we got went back to the Dig Museum and got a tour of that. We did a 'dig' and got to look around. Matt will have more for you on the Museum and on the rest of our day!


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