Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mandy's official post 3

Hi everyone.

Today was our first morning at Southcliff Hotel in Tenby and boy did we all enjoy the breakfast here. It was everything and more than you would expect from a B&B. We put in our food requests the night before and also had a choice of cold things in the morning.

So after a lovely breakfast we got on the coach at 9:15 with our driver Bob, who was from east London, to go to St. Davids, the smallest city in Britain. There we saw the Bishop's Palace, one of two, this one was his winter one. And then we went right next door and saw St. David's Cathedral, it was one of the smaller cathedrals we've seen so far, but it was very interesting as it was built in a valley rather than on top of the hill, and due to the marsh type land, the cathedral is now starting to lean, they are currently working to add support so that it does not fall apart. We were also allowed to see the treasury exhibit they have. There wasn't much but what they did have was very pretty and gold of course. They had staff tops, gold cups and the cloak that the bishop would wear.

After a bit of exploring we ate at the refectory, where we all tried new things, or at least new mustard's and jams on sandwiches. When we were done eating we were going to take a walk around town, but we lost the sun and the wind got cold, so we headed back to the coach, but made a stop at a chocolate/ice cream place where most of us all got something. I had a delicious Raspberry swirl and mint choc chip, and I'm willing to go on record and saw that the Welsh make the BEST ice cream. So we all ate our ice cream while walking up hill to the coach, which on the way there the driving and cleaning smell made a few of us feel a little ill and were thankful to have got there, so no one was looking forward to the ride back. But it turned out the trip back wasn't as bad as we took a different route,and we also learned a fun fact from Bob at the 5 mile point to the cathedral, back when people made pilgrimages to the cathedral, a half loaf of bread marked 5 miles and they would start to get there in strange ways, by crawling, flogging themselves or other weird things.

After we got back we all spilt up to do our own thing, but most of us ended up at the beach for a while before we went for dinner, and that was fun even if it was cold.

Well that's all for this post, have to go brush up on the facts for my castle tomorrow.


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