Friday, May 6, 2011

Trains, Buses, Hills, and the Flowers that Made it All Worth it! "Official Post"

Hello avid followers!!
Today was a busy day for the group. We left York today which was bittersweet for many of us because loved that city so much. Personally it reminded me of Wrigleyville in Chicago because of the pride and history that you could feel while walking down the streets. However, like every good thing, our time there had to end really early in the morning. We took two trains and a bus to a square in Conway. Everything was okay until we saw the hill that we had to climb before the hostel we are staying at for two days. The hill is daunting but it feels so nice when you make it to the top.
After dropping off our luggage we had two options that we could participate in one of two things. I chose to go to the Gardens and get some beautiful pictures throughout this rather large botanic garden. It contained many different varieties of Rhododendrons which were absolutely awe-inspiring. Like much of what we have seen this week you couldn’t help but be amazed by the sites. We walked around the gardens for a few hours then went and got some tea in the tea garden.
Three of the boys decided to go to Beaumaris Castle but got off at the wrong bus stop a town away from where they should have gotten off at (glad I didn’t go with them like I was planning to). The then walked until they found someone to ask what city they were in. So after the confusion cleared they made it to their destination and found the castle to be absolutely wonderful. It was meant to be one of the biggest castles in medieval days but the builders decided to leave after a short time.
We then trucked backed up the hill again and regrouped so we could check in, drop off our luggage in our rooms, and go get food. Before we were able to leave for dinner Dr. L had us try some local cheeses which were actually very good. Eight of us went to a Pub/ Restaurant for dinner where I had my first steak overseas (definitely the same as home). When we finished eating half the group took a cab up to the hostel while Taylor, Tom, Matt, and I went a Pub then came back and sat with everyone to relax for a little bit.
That was our day for today and now we are exhausted and going to bed for another early morning.
Cheers from Wales!

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