Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Long Day of Travels (Official Post)

Hello friends and family of everyone following our journeys. First and foremost, we have all arrived at the York hostel. However, it took us longer than what was planned.

We left Cedar Rapids on time but we had a five hour delay in Chicago. Apparently, the plane we were going to board had some type of mechanical problem. This meant we had to wait for a plane coming in from London to take us to England. The silver lining was that the plane we took was bigger and easier to sleep on.

We arrived in Manchester around noon today and then we took a train to York. I personally enjoy traveling by train.. It is a great way to look at the landscape of the country while traveling at a fairly good clip.

Once we arrived in York, we took a walking tour of the city to gain an idea of where everything is. York is a lovely town. I love all the walking trails and the architecture of the buildings. It is definitely different from the States for sure.

For dinner we ate an Indian dinner at the Gates of India at the Old Grey Mare Inn. Let's just say the dinner was a learning experience and at least I can say I tired it.

I think I speak for the entire class in that tonight is going to be a good night to relax and sleep!

Tomorrow we tour some of the popular sights of York.

Andrew Bridgewater

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